(Missing Ghosts)
Hey, you... Come on back here, I want to ask you a question!
...Darn, they never listen!

Two of my favorite entertainments are reading contemporary mystery novels and tracking our family genealogy. My husband says I am a bookworm.

I believe that chasing old relatives from two, three or four hundred years ago is a lot like reading a mystery.

As difficult as it is to find some of those people, I think some of them are actually trying to hide from us. What do you think?

Maybe we could exchange information and help both of us solve some of those old mysteries.

The main ancestral lines I'm following at this time (and where I've run out of "proveable" leads) are:

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(abt) 1789, NC
(abt) 1820, Italy
(abt) 1799 Ohio
(abt) 1789...?
(abt) 1800
(abt) 1730...?
(abt 1687...?
(abt) 1690...?
(abt) 1585...?
(abt) 1550...?
J.Smiley B.1800
Ester 1823-31?
Pleasant B.1804 NC
Mary E. 1835 NC
(abt) 1540...?
(abt) 1823...?
Mary B.
1774? TN
"More Ghosts...
Coming Soon.."
"More Ghosts...
Coming Soon.."
"Room For More
"Room For More
"Room For More
"Room For More

As you know, the spelling on most family names took on small variations through the centuries, but the blood-lines stayed the same and are verifiable.... theoretically, ..."Somewhere".

If you are tracing any of these lines, perhaps we could help each other fill in those mysterious blanks. If you have information to share, (or are an old friend visiting my new page),

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